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Welcome to Tina’s Educational Music!

Educational songs and music written and recorded by Tina Lloyd-Morris.

“My songs are individually crafted to help children learn and remember.”

Engaging Memorable Songs

Tina’s songs are diverse and foot-tappingly engaging.

Children and adults love to join in with her catchy melodies and  rhythms.

The fun way to memorise!

Tina's Educational Music

Curriculum Aligned Resources

Tina’s songs are designed to support classroom and home, teaching.

Tina’s professional recordings help children to sing along and reinforce their learning.                                       

Tina's Educational Music

Fun Action Videos

Tina’s action videos are energetic and enjoyable!

Through easy movements Tina helps children sing her songs, whilst developing their physical strength and co-ordination skills.                        

Tina's Educational Music

Learning throughEducationalEngagingMemorable Songs


Tina’s Topic Tunes

3 – 8 Years

Listen to snippets from Tina’s Topic Tunes for 3 – 8 years.

Tina's Educational Music

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Tina’s Topic Tunes


3 – 8 Years

6 Topics

12 Educational Songs